About UlltraClad® Cladding

New Zealand's weather conditions demand a cladding system that performs, year after year. That's UlltraClad® from Ullrich Aluminium. UlltraClad® has been extensively tested by BRANZ and will withstand wind conditions as defined in NZS3604.

When Ullrich Aluminium designed UlltraClad® much attention was paid to the way air circulates behind the cladding allowing it to breathe and eliminating rot.

Designed as a completely Integrated System with its own flashings and corners, UlltraClad® is the ideal exterior cladding for the New Zealand home as it still has the looks of the traditional weatherboard but without the maintenance and problems associated with a timber cladding. UlltraClad® also won't crack or warp and withstands high temperatures.

Installation of UlltraClad® is easy and you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable UlltraClad® is.